eTestZone Training Academy Franchise:

eTestZone invites entrepreneurs, edupreneurs to tie up with us to setup eTestZone Training Academy in your cities, to provide quality education to students aspiring to succeed in the competitive exams. Our vision is of empowering students, educational institutions, and faculty members. We are looking for partners who have high social commitment, are looking to make a difference to the society around them.

The IIT JEE, NEET exam training market all over India, has crossed Rs.75000 Crores annually. We would like make a difference to this market space, help the society, by enabling our partners to charge modestly, offer excellent service, and, earn decently.

If you are interested in setting up eTestZone Training Academy as our partner in district centres, major towns please write to us at – with subject line: Franchise for <City, State> in subject line. We focus on functional infrastructure, frugal marketing, quality education, ethics, and a commitment to bring in change. If you can setup / hire two class room facility (to seat 40-50 students), and have a minimum 300 sq ft office space (with library), and invest a modest sum, you get to run eTestZone Training Academy in your city as our franchise.

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