Faculty Partnership Program - term page:

    1. PUC Colleges, thru their management members, or, principal, or any HoD, who sign up for this program via an email, letter, or an SMS request for activation, are deemed to have the right to sign up.
    2. eTestZone's Faculty Partnership Program gives a non-transferable, access license to eTestZone.com CET and JEE(Main) content only, to individual faculty members for use in their class sessions.
    3. The log in credentials are issued to each faculty members individually. The faculty members will have to share the details - name, designation, department, college, your email id, your own mobile number. Mobile number and email id are used for login credentials creation.
    The log in access details are NOT transferable to any student, or, other faculty members. eTestZone.com does maintain usage logs. Any unauthorized sharing of license will lead to log in cancellation.
    4. PU Colleges, departments will receive eTestZone product information details, via email or regular post. The same may please be put up in notice boards, for the benefit of students. Interested students can sign up for student license for eTestZone, on our website - www.etestzone.com. eTestZone team also conducts product awareness sessions, to students of new batches. eTestZone will have special incentives, prizes, from time to time for the benefit of students. The details of such programs will be made available on our website. These may also be emailed to the colleges that join this program. You are required to display the same in your notice board, and inform students to make use of the offers, or, participate in any events we conduct.
    5. eTestZone.com will also provide a platform for faculty members to interact with student community. These will be in the form of discussion forum, or blog section. You are free to write on these subject topics, new advances in these fields, teaching methods, tips for taking these competitive exams, and answer any student queries on the subjects. These will be published, giving due credit to the author who sends it. If you wish to publish a photo with it, please send a passport size photo scan to us along with the content.
    6. These forums will be meant only for subject matters, and hence we will not entertain any other topic that is outside our scope. The faculty members who post the content will be responsible to verify the correctness of the content, and do not post content created by others. eTestZone will not be responsible for any claim or issue on such content published on our site.
    7. eTestZone reserves the right to take down any content for which some others raise an objection. Any issues arising out of any such content will have to be sorted between the author and the objecting party, with no liability on the part of eTestZone.com or its management.
    8. eTestZone.com believes in a "no spam" and fair use policy. Our communications, email, SMS, or, post, will relate to transactions with respect to eTestZone use, license renewals, changes in policy terms, or, any eTestZone product features, promotions, schemes.
    9. The Faculty Partnership Program is available to colleges on these terms and specific terms that are agreed with college, wherever applicable. We provide licensing solutions to college managements who want special services.

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